“Stet” Jeans from Pilcro and the Letterpress

Midday yesterday, I finished up a big project that had been hanging over my head: copy-editing a 200-page book in four days. Note to all aspiring copy-editors out there: this is a crazy-making schedule. I had gone to the Union Square area in order to deliver my edits to the book’s designer, so I decided to reward myself with some shopping. Jewelry? Perfume? Lipstick? Something delightful and frivolous that would serve as a treat and a memento of the hard work I’d done.

I wandered into Anthropologie, checked out the jewelry and the sales racks, considered buying one of these adorable flower vases:

Image“Pretty Pansy Vase,” $18

and then my eye fell upon a table of jeans.  I couldn’t believe what I saw: one style of jeans seemed to be called the “STET,” and the other was called the “EDIT.” They were from the brand Pilcro and the Letterpress.

I could hardly keep from laughing.  What better way to reward myself for my hard work than with a pair of jeans named after copy-editing terminology?

Although they cost more than I had been planning to spend on my “frivolous little treat,” I do need new jeans. Since the start of the year I have managed to tear holes in three pairs of jeans — one because I tripped, ripped my jeans and skinned my knee; and two through natural wear and tear. (My jeans always seem to wear through just beside the knee, in the creases that form on the back of the leg when you sit. Anyone else have this problem?)

So I tried on both styles and went with the classic five-pocket STET jean, in “slim bootcut” style and clay wash. (The EDIT jean was cut too skinny for a pear-shaped girl like me.)

Image“Stet” jeans in slim bootcut, $118

Classic styling, a cute and nerd-friendly name, and a good story to go along with it. My kind of jeans.

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